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Ines Moussavi

In January 1996 in Berlin I made my first steps into the world of Tango. A classical Tango-Introduction: the magic 8 steps, Ochos, Sandwich...well, the basics. Sticking to simple figures I visited my first New-Year-Ball in "el-Corte" in Nijmegen. I was stunned! In Nijmegen I realized, that there had to be something I missed - why they all dance so different? How comes they did it so harmonical and co-operative while being so precise and elegant and in connnection with the music? And the "floorcraft" - watching the couples on the very crowdy dancefloor I got the feeling everyone moves coordinated in relation to the surrounding dancers. Just fascinating!
As the years passed by and after many stops there and in Buenos Aires I increasingly recognized how to achieve this special feeling, and I'm still fascinated by all those frisky details which reveal themselves in a tango-life. You have to be patient, but it pays out in the end.

In my lessons I try assure my student's will to achieve a contact, a co-operation with each other, the feeling of beeing together. And I focus onto the musical feeling, too. I hope to see them someday being suprised and happy by all those opportunities to move to the music. It is very nice that this neverending discovery keeps on all the time....

Many things I learned by my students and I am thankful for their confidence.

Qualification with Eric Jorissen, Nijmegen/ Holland

Since 1996 Ulrich and me celebrate the New-Years-Eve in Holland. In the last few years I increasingly visited the monthly salons, the international week and the double Ocho festival.
In 2005 Ulrich and me attended the first Teachers-Week by Eric Jörissen in Nijmegen (NL). We benefit from his outstanding didactical methods and decades of experience as from the various unconventional and original ideas of our classmates.
2006 I participated in the Teachers-Week, in 2007 Ulrich will join me again.

Eric shaped my way to dance and teach and I am pleased he still does.

Qualification in Bremen

An additonal impulse for an own didactical concept was the qualification by Michael Dohmke and Gerrit Schüler, which we participated in for over two years (1999 - 2001). The two tango teachers lead the studio " la Milonga" in Bremen.
They emphasize in different techniques of bodywork and supported us in the development of our own style. The weekends were very intense and tought us a wide spectrum of techniques and impovisational skills. During this we had the opportunity to develop new concepts, discuss them and integrate them into connections to other teachers in Germany.

During many stops in Buenos Aires Ulrich and me worked intensely with different teachers. Three Seminarios with Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Anne marked one of our highlights of tango. Plenty of hours dancing in Buenos Aires, Berlin, Nijmegen and other countries were a very important aspect for the development of an own style.

I don't want to name the whole list of teachers here. I took many lessons and attented plenty of workshops with the old maestros and "the young and wild" ones and I continue doing so.


Ulrich Demmel
Ulrich dances Tango Argentino and other couple Dance-Styles since the 90's. He enjoyed lessons with several different argentinean teachers, like Pepito, Gustavo Naveira, Pablo Veron, Pablito & Esther Pugliese, Debra & Emiliano, Damian und Nancy, Roberto und Maricel, Ana Maria Schapira. Regular stops in Buenos Aires. 1999 - 2001 Tango Teacher-Qualification in Bremen, additional studies with Eric Jorissen "el Corte" in Holland 2005 Ulrich concentrates on focussing pure energy on the leading dancer. The aim is to generate a harmonical consonance with the music.