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Tango Teacher
Ines Moussavi

Ines Moussavi

As long as I can remember I love to dance.
Some years I concentrated on Dance-Theatre, Jazzdance and classical Ballet.
Since 1996 I dance Tango Argentino. It was love at first glance when I visited my first milonga, the "Roter Salon" in Berlin. I was impressed by the intimacy, the music and elegant moves. The next day I subscribed for my first tangolesson, not knowing that the process of learning and enjoying new possibilities will never end.
Tango became the most important thing in my life and - lucky me - even my profession.
Some things that I like to share with my students: relaxed upright posture, comfortable embrace, feeling for the music, solid balance and elegance in movements, connection in the couple and attention for the others dancers, taking care of the line of dance.

If you are interested in my Tango-development and teachers that were important for me, click "The Tango and Ines & Ulrich"

Tango Teacher
Ulrich Demmel

Ulrich Demmel
Ulrich dances Tango Argentino and other couple Dance-Styles since the 90's. He enjoyed lessons with several different argentinean teachers, like Pepito, Gustavo Naveira, Pablo Veron, Pablito & Esther Pugliese, Debra & Emiliano, Damian und Nancy, Roberto und Maricel, Ana Maria Schapira.
Regular stops in Buenos Aires. 1999 - 2001 Tango Teacher-Qualification in Bremen, additional Teacher-Training with Eric Jorissen "el Corte" in Holland 2005
Ulrich concentrates on focussing pure energy onto the leading dance partner. The aim is to give access to the experience of enjoyment, when the movement of the body is in harmony with the partner, the music and the flow of the dancehall.

In recent years, Ulrichs is engaged in the integration of body-techniques like yoga, rolfing, osteopathy, in order to improve his own development and teaching.

Tango Teacher
Eric Jorissen

Eric Jorissen

Eric is the founder of el corte, the famous dance studio in Nijmegen/Netherlands where people from all over the world meet to learn and to dance.

Studied dance education at the Rotterdam conservatory.

Has been dancing for 31 years. He began dancing the tango in 1987, inspired by his tango father Pepito Avellaneda. He teaches on a regular basis in Nijmegen, London, Cape Town and NYC. Many other cities are visited on a yearly basis. Eric travels 150 days per year.

Tango Teacher
Ruth Zimmermann

Ruth Zimmermann

Ruth v. Zimmermann is the founder of the tangoscene in Devon, South-England, and the famous Tango Mango (six days tango in a row), which takes place several times a year.

After her Qualification as a musician in 1999 she fell in love with tango. Her Lessons are dynamical and focussed on the connection of the dancers to each other, as on the improvisation within the "pattern" and harmony with the music, concetrating on the traditional tango.

“My main influences are Eric Jorissen - I admire his Training and organization - as Fernando Guidi - with whom I am pleased to dance since 5 years - and (of course) my students who inspire me to develope new ways of training.”

Ruth lives with her two kids in Devon (South-West-England), where she organizes Tango-Events and regular long as she isn't on the roads through Germany, France, Norway, Spain or Holland.

Tango Teacher
Constantin Rüger

Constantin Rüger

Constantin is an elegant Dancer with sense for frisky details. He started dancing tango argentino in 1997. His style of teaching is clear and often even funny. He teaches and dances all over europe and in the USA.
His most important teachers are Gustavo Naveira, Chicho, Julio&Corinna, Susana Miller, Tete and many more. His style combines elements of the traditional Salon-Style with modern tango.

Tango Teacher
Sven Froese with Ines

Sven Froese

Sven lives in Düsseldorf and teaches since over 8 years every week in Bochum and other cities. Additionally he participates regularly as a teacher in festivals and balls in Norway, Greece, Scottland and Japan.

The focus of his lessons lies on the modern Salon-Style. His care for the details of teamwork and leading are brought to bear here especially. Sven shows how tango works and teaches what makes this dance so characteristic:
No hysteric execution of step-combinations, but harmonic co-operation and frisky little details in consonance with the music and the rythm.

His special turning-technique, which fits into close and even non-close postures, is one of the special highlights of his lessons. Without any hustle for "her", stable posture for "him".

„Tango isn't made for lonely wolfs. We have to see each other as equal partners, so we can work together with the music and develop a whole new feeling of dancing together.…“

Tango Teacher
Mabel Rivero

Mabel Rivero

Mabel Rivero, a professional dancer from Rosario/Argentina has been working together with  Ines and Ulrich since 1999.

She started while her young years a classical ballet training and later modern dance. She graduated her tango training and a special style studies with Orlando Paiva in Rosario. She studied with Gustavo Naveira, Graciela Gonzales and other masters in Bueno Aires. It followed numerous show performances in South America and Europe. The absolutely highlight was touring through Europe with the orchestra of Domingo Federico. In March/April 2001 she worked for the third “Festival Internacional de Tango” in Buenos Aires under the guidance of Miguel Angel Zotto.

Mabel teaches all over Europe and is famous for her elegance in footwork and her explicit and precise explanations even of complex course of motions.

She speaks German, English and Spanish fluently.

Her presentation is coming soon on her own website:

Tango Teacher
Brigitta Winkler

Brigitta Winkler

Brigitta Winkler dances and teaches since 1983 tango argentino and understands it as an improvisational Pairdance, originally. Besides traditional Styles she also concentrates on further art and music genres (Tango Nuevo/experimental Dance-Theatre) as on her experiences in bodywork(Alexander Technik/Body Mind Centering BMC). Since 1990 she lives, teaches and performs in the USA and in Berlin. Since 2001 she participates in a qualification to a authentic movement Teacher in the Naropa Institut in Boulder, Colorado.

Cooperation with Angelika Fischer Tangoart Berlin, Rebecca Shulman, New York - Tango Mujer, Ulli Barth, Hamburg; Michael Domke, Bremer; Cacho Dante, Buenos Aires; Mauricio Castro, Buenos Aires; Eric Jorisson, Nijmegen; Tomas Howlin, BA and Montreal, Ulrike Schladebach von Stravaganza, Berlin.

Tango Teacher
Ard and Guggi

Ard Huiberts

(Amsterdam 1965).
Education and Directions:
1985-1992: Graduated engineer (Ing.) at the IAHL in Velp (forestry and nature conservation)
1988: For two years he was an officer and F16-Trainee-Pilot in the Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF)
1992-1995: Graduated doctorandus (Drs.) at the University of Nijmegen (Policy-Science)
2005/2006: With his compagnon Sander Kooistra he is the author of two books about Fake Art trade and Fake Art (Valse Kunst and Zelf Kunst Kopen) and set up a trade in Post War Graphic Art; speciallisation American Minimalism, Pop Art and Abstact Expressionism.

1996: Dancer/Performer in Dance-Theaterproduction from the Dancer/ChoreograferMary Overlie (New York)
since 1997- Argentinian Tango dancer and teacher.
In Holland, his first lessons he took were from Hervé Cousin & Marianne Jetten from Tango Guapo
From 1997 untill 2007 he gave lessons in Tango-school "Flor de Fango" in Arnhem, Holland.
Set up the tango-school "La Cumparsita" with Lizelot de Stigter in Fabrik Heeder in Krefeld, Germany.
From 1997 he teaches Tango lessons together with Lizelot de Stigter all over Europe. He teaches since 2005 with the tangodancer/teacher/performer Guggi Zuzakova from Switserland. In 2007, Ard and Lizelot stopped teaching together.
He teaches tango in Café Ada / Mare e.V. in Wuppertal (Germany) and teaches in Krefeld (Germany), in Fabrik Heeder. In August 2007 he starts teaching in Tanzhaus NRW to teach Neotango.
His dancing is inspired by G.I. Gurdjieff and his teachers and inspirators are all the people he has danced with.



Guggi Zuzakova

She began tango in Zurich, her place of birth. Later she danced in Buenos Aires and then all over europe.Dancers like Chicho y Lucia, Gustavo Naveira, Vincent Morelle y Maryline Lefort determined her style. Guggi absolved her studies as a theatrical dance Switzerland and Netehrlands ( "Hogeschool voor de kunsten Arnhem"). During this time she began to teach together with Ard Huiberts in the tango school "Flor de Fango". Today Guggi Zuzakova livesin Berlin, works as a freelancing Dancer and Tangoteacher in the Studio "art.13" and leads workshops and shows with Ard Huiberts. In her lessons she mediates the autonomy and freedom of the following one in tango. This includes axis, a free leg and relaxed stance, in body and mind.

many photos and videos on her blog ati myspace sehen:


Ismael Ludmann

belongs to a generation of young Argentine dancers. His curiosity led him to study tango with a great diversity of schools and teachers in Buenos Aires, always being in search of a dynamical, improvised and organic tango. Besides from tango he has also been active in other artistic disciplines as Contact Improvisation, Eutonia, Butoh and Dance-Theatre. Ismael is searching for a tango with a particular emphasis on communication, a relaxed way of dancing, and expressiveness. In addition to Buenos Aires, he has been active as dancer, teacher and organizer in Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Scotland, England and Spain.


Maria Mondino

started her tango career in 1998, began to work with Gustavo Naveira in 2001, and has been studying with Chicho Frumboli, Eugenia Parilla, and Pablo Inza. The style she is interested in and trying to develop as well as promote, is the result of a search: the idea of generating consciousness of the movement, the systematization of concepts, as well as a clear and defined pedagogy. She never stops searching for even more quality and organic movement, as well as warmth, expressiveness and connection in the dance. Since 1999 she teaches workshops in Buenos Aires and in Europe on a regular basis.

more information und photos:


Tango Teacher
Gaia Pisauro und Leandro Furlan

Gaia Pisauro and Leandro Furlan

work together since 2005.

Gaia studied classical and modern dance in Rome and Paris.
She discovered the Tango Argentino in 1998 in Paris. Mayn journeys have led her to Buenos Aires since then, where she met Leandro.

Gaia teaches for many years all over europe. She also works together with Homer Ladas, Constantin Rüger and several other teachers.

Leandro grew up in Buenos Aires and learned dancing under the supervision of Gustavo Naveira, Chicho Frumboli, Pablo Villaraza and others.
Today Leandro and Gaia work as a showdance-pair, as teachers and as Tango-DJ's all over europe.
With emotions and in a dynamical dance Gaia and Leandro search for the co-existence/connection of classical and modern elements of the tango argentina in the improvisational way of dance.
Their lessons divide into two parts: in the first one they work deep into
techniques; the 2nd part concentrates on dynamical and musical elements. They use figures as examples to clarify the current topic. Their lessons mediates precision and emotion by focussing on the connection between two people.

More information at:

Komala und Stefan


For over a decade Komala has been teaching in Europe where she is highly respected. She has a profound knowledge of the body and of the dynamics of tango. Her follower's workshops are invaluable to followers who want to know their bodies better and to become more active in the dance, and her other workshops deal primarily with the energy and dynamics of the dance, preparing leaders and followers for a new level of communication.

Komala started tango dancing in 1990. She began her professional career by teaching together with Eric Jorissen, founder of the famous tango center, El Corte, Nijmegen, The Netherlands. She is currently a main hostess and teacher of El Corte.


Stefan started Tango in May 1997 because he needed some Tango steps for a chanson he was singing in a local theatre group :-)

In no time he was completely catched up by this fascinating dance and could barely finish his preparations for a black belt in Karate. After achieving his black belt he very soon realized that he preferred a partner who is not responding every movement he makes with a punch but with a soft and gentle movement ;-)

After spending 1 year in Munich dancing nearly every night he was ready to look for something more and he found it in another city in another country: Nijmegen - Holland. There he stopped taking classes for a while and started dancing - all nights & days long. And there he learned that there are mainly 3 components which make a Tango a Tango:

* the partner you're dancing with
* the music you're dancing to
* the other people who are dancing in the same room with you

After this period of 'just dancing' he started to take lessons again with different Argentinian teachers - among them Nancy y Damian and Diego 'El Pajaro' y Mecha. But the most inspiration he got from his work with Eric Jeurissen & Komala - not only regarding the dance but also the teaching.

The most important thing since then is for him
'not what you dance but how you dance it'.


Oliver Wielinski

Oliver dances a gentleman's tango: He leads a traditional salon style that invites followers to join him on his musical and playful journey from classical to nuevo tango, and to enrich it with their own interpretations and adornments. In his well-structured lessons and workshops Oliver provides his students with intuitive and illustrative conceptions and actual experiences that help them deepen their understanding of the music as well as of organic dance technique.
Internationally renowned dancers such as Ines Moussavi, Constantin Rüger, Gaia Pisauro and Ruth Zimmermann have guided his development as a dancer and teacher of tango argentino since 2003.

Tango Teacher
Toine and Ines in Glasgow
Christine Rogers

15 years ago I started to dance tango in El Corte. My whole life, grewing up in a 'dancing family', I was addicted to dance, and after many years of dancing ballroom and latin, I found Tango, or Tango found me. I loved Piazzolla but never realised, till I saw a Documentary about a visit of two Tangoaddicts to BAs, that in Holland tango existed in this form.

During the years I took lessons, regular in El Corte, Eric Jorissens famous place. Took in several places in the world, classes, workshop, spend weekends, and weeks with several teachers, many, and as well of course the Argentine Maestros. Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Anne, Pepito and Suzuki, Teté, Fabian Salas and Carolina, Gavito, and many others. One of the couples I like very much, Damian and Nancy, very nice style and inspiring teachers.

Already more than 10 years ago I started to give classes with Monique, my regular partner but was asked as guest teacher with others as well. In many places in Europe we were invited to teach and perform. More than 10 years I'm with Monique one of the regular teachers of El Corte in Nijmegen and these days as well in Flor the Fango in Arnhem.

As educated teacher/ coach, I integrated this skills, together with bodywork, in tangolessons. Besides being a good teacher, it's evident that a dancer I give an example with my partners, elegant, playfull, that makes people want to follow classes. Í think tango, even when I dance and teach for years now, I am open for influences, like to take classes myself for the inspiration of other teachers, and from my point of view, you might think you're excellent, there is always something you can work on!

My vision, tango inspires, I like to inspire and I like to be inspired by the dance and tangopeople!

Tamara Juhan

Tamara Juhan

Founder of the Tangostudio el abrazo, Hamburg
What I love in tango? – The dialogue of bodies, intimacy of the embracement; Attentiveness for yourself and the other person, the elation when an improvised tango worked absolutely synchron to the music. I was teached by the grande dame of tango: Graciela González. From her I received the established technical education to be a dancer and teacher. And from the Milongueros of Buenos Aires I received the benedictions of dancing the nights away. How easiness feels and that tango can be a real dialogue I learned from my collegue Luis Bruni...

further information about Tamara and the el abrazo:

Gerrit Swaantje Schüler

Gerrit Swaantje Schüler

•  Workshops in Germany
•  Tango-Trips
•  education for tangoteachers
•  Tango meets Feldenkrais
•  Tango meets Qigong

I dance and teach argentinean tango national and international for a long time now - leading and following with different partners and several locations, different foci, from beginner to tangoteacher.

I know that tango will reveal new variations constantly, just like the different people who dance tango.

I read a lot about tango, have written a lot also, thought about it and developed - travelled often to Buenos Aires and discovered new secrets from time to time, opportunities and connections. Spanish is music in my ears, the language of my dreams and like a hot tube on cold winterdays - and luckily also the language of the tango. I like to move, love to feel every single fiber of my body and found a dance in tango which provides room, freedom, easiness and confrontation. Naturally and wordless.

I am tango teacher with abandon and I am confident that people can change by their movements.

Neither tango or people ever bored me at all.

Tango Teacher
Erica Freyer

Erica Freyer

Erica (deutschsprachig) was born in Cordoba, Argentina, where she's been doing ballet when she was a child. Dancing became her passion and gave her wings to conquer the sky.
Ballet was the beginning and is still a great relevance in her career, added by modern Jazz, modern Dance and especially Tango Argentino from her origin. Among others she learned from Osvaldo Zotto and Pablo Veron in Buenos Aires.

For the last 12 years she regularly appears in dance-ensembles all over Europe, co-produces in the tango-scene and comes up with her own individual choreographies in different styles - as there are: "El yo Interior“, "Recuerdo", "Solo de a dos", „Contratango" (Tango-Ballet), the multicultural danceshow "Rund um die Welt", "Hommage a Piazzolla", "Von Dolch zur Federboa" in cooperation with the Trio Percanta, the Tango-Oper "Maria de Buenos Aires", in cooperation with the Opera Latinoamericana.

As a teacher in Tango Argentino Erica doesn't focus on ordinary Tango ABC, like state, walk or axis, but on encouraging the dancers to establish their own creative expression by figures and combinations.

Further information and an impressing list of her engagement of recent years can be found here:

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