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Please don't ask me for recommandations, all I know you find here:
During our journeys we were able to take a closer look to many of the Hotels and Inns, others has been recommended by friends of us.
Please send us your suggestions if you like.

Keep an eye on the Pricings: USD for american Dollars and $ for argentinean Peso.

If you are travelling with your Partner you might not be interested in contacts with other tanguero's.

However, guesthouses are good places for singles and making contacts, because you meet other guests in the kitchen, guestrooms or on the veranda very frequently.

This Link will lead you to a Map including an Overview about the sections of the City:

Defensa 1111 if you don't want to be the center of attraction you will like this place: you will reside right in front of the Plaza Dorrego, which is very crowded - especially on Sundays... 00 54 11 4300 8301

San Telmo

Defensa 1111


A really nice House full of a particular aroma, we lived in 2001.
Only 20 minutes away from the midtown. The Milongas "la viruta", "Canning", "Villa Malcolm" and "Glorieta" are very near.

00 54 11 4899 2538 Palermo viejo

Arevalo 2135
El Sol de San Telmo Right in the middle of St. Telmo (2 minutes to the Plaza Dorrego), very good for travelling Tango-Dancers. It's a renewed old building with a veranda on the roof where you can take a sunbath or have dinner - it has 14 Rooms and one kitchen for all guests, and a ballroom with a parquet floor. Good for Singles and to make new contacts. 00 54 11 4300 4394

San Telmo

Chacabuco 1181 y Avenida San Juan

San Telmo Colonial

someone wrote me that they really disliked the place

00 54 11 4300 0097

Fax: 0054 11 4307 6798

San Telmo

Carlos Calvo 767

La Casita La Casita is not a Hotel, but a small Guesthouse in the middle of San Telmo. It's equipped with a veranda, a fig tree on the yard and a comfortable kitchen for the whole community. Only two of the seven Rooms are equipped with their own bathrooms.
0054 11 4307 8796

San Telmo

Cochabamba 286

Lina's guesthouse
Lina's Guesthouse has a nice patio surrounded by mostly windowless Rooms of which most of the guests are very excited about. Especially about Lina and the cheerful athmosphere in this house, filled with friends and guests. Solely the dog's barking turned out to be very disturbing while the visitation of the estate. 0054 11 4361 6817

San Telmo

Estados Unidos 780

porteno Friend of mine have lived there and liked it very much 0054 11 4554 6336


Ciudad de la Paz 350

Un Rinconcito en Buenos Aires
Bed and Breakfast
Michael wrote me:

The location is excellent. The next subway station in the Corrientes Avenue is a 10-minute-walk away. the Bus 26 stops near the guesthouse and drives to the "old centrum" and passes by the Obelisk to the Confiteria Ideal.

- Many Milongas reside left and right near the Corrientes, so taxirides are quite short.
- Varioues shops, restaurants, laundries and stitching-places are just round the corner.
- In the front side of the guesthouse it is very noisy because of the Av. Sarmiento street and a tangoduet with piano and flute.
- Sra. Irene guides the guesthouse and her niece cares fondly about the guests. Breakfast is very late - 1pm - as the night is very long. Both did a very good job when taking care about me. Almost everything I demanded was possible and full furnished with a kitchen. For short trips into the land your baggage will be treasured.
- The guesthouse opened an additional inner courtyard with another 2 rooms. There you will be almost alone if you like.
- This is an argentinean guesthouse with an argentinean surrounding. Old styles were conserved and remind of grandma's times. There is no touristic flat-sharing feeling as in other guesthouses.
0054 11 4862 4101


Sarmiento 4333

sandanzas The Website gives the impression of a youth-hostel, but it's very inexpensive: 45 Peso for a Double Room (14 Euro) incl. Breakfast.

+54 11 4300-7375
/ 4362-1816

Balcarce 1351 - San Telmo
casa sol y sombra 5 double bed rooms, in Almagro
Contact: Erika Bachmann


Calle Palestina 1037
1182 Buenos Aires
Claudias and Salvadors Tango-Guesthouse  

a recommandation- I don't know the house myself.

The picture look nice and in the webalbum you find as well more information- it seems like they don't have a website.... Calle Ecuador 1126
Milonga Hostel Hostel and Youth-Hostel (00 54 11) 4815-1827/2143 Recoleta
Ayacucho 921


The owner wrote:

This hostel resides in a very old Housing right in the heart of Buenos Aires and has been expandable restored by the turn of the century. There are still Rooms for 8 Euro a day (p.P.)
Contact: Isabel Chazarreta

4361 5808

Chacabuco 679
Gran Hotel Hispano nearby the "Casa Rosada" and the Plaza Mayo resides this little but nice hotel. Here we lived for over 4 weeks in 2002. The rooms on the side to the Avenida de Mayo are the most beautiful ones, but a bit noisy also. For a silent sleep you should choose the inner, windowless rooms with traditional exits into the yard. A Veranda on the roof and Breakfast is included... 0054 11 4345 2020


Av. de Mayo 861

Castelar Hotel

a very noble Lobby promises nice rooms, but be aware: most of them are very dark and small. However, they're completely quiet. (I prefer bright and loud!) Nice Breakfast.

0054 11 4383 5000/9


Avenida de Mayo 1152

Astoria Hotel in the moment no website available a very nice hotel, too. Facing the "Gran Hotel Hispano" it tries to suggest a flair of glamour, but it isn't really.


Avenida de Mayo 916
Hotel Alcazar   a 'simple' Hotel in the Avenida de Mayo. The showers are a bit primitive and the rooms are very small. Only 45 Pesos (13 Euro) during November 2004. 0054-11
Avenida de Mayo 935
Lauras App. bei Congreso mail to

Laura formerly teached "Milonguero Style" in Buenos Aires - now she lives in Rome and her apartment in the ALSINA AL 1.600 is available for rent. It's towards the Milonga "La National" and about 300m away from the Plaza Congreso. It is equipped with 4 beds and is about 60mē big.
Depending on the duration of your stay you will have to pay from 20-30 Euro per night.

(in Rome)

or ++54 11 4773-6029 Irma in BsAs - Laura's Mom

Alsina 2065 entre Sarandí y Rincón
la Calesita

This apartment resides in the suburbs of Palermo - a nice quarter of the town with beautiful restaurants and interesting bars.
Some Milongas are placed nearby, but to get into midtown you have to go by bus or rail.
We didn't see the apartment by ourselves and will be pleased about your reviews!

0228-4 22 28 08
0228-5 78 20 86

Serrano 2337

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