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We've been in Buenos Aires in 2001, 2002 and 2003 and this is our Overview, which is being continuously updated:
Please send us your Inspirations and Experiences.
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We visited very nice 'Salons' and want to mention and review some of them here.
Besides, it's always a good idea to keep asking the other Milonguero's about actual events and localities in the Tango scene. A good Advice is always given by the tiny Magazine "B.A. Tango" which can be found often at some Milongas or Tangoguesthouses and comes always with news on the Tango scene.
So does the "tangauta" - a free Tango Newspaper, available in english and german at the same localities.
If you plan to visit a Milonga you should reserve seats in advance to avoid being placed in the darkest corner far away from the action. For special Events this is strongly recommended! Especially in Buenos Aires no one knows about alternating your seats when you return - this makes sense, for during the "cortina" (the music 'between') everyone takes his/her seat he had before.
Those 'special Milongas' are marked by a small telephone symbol ().
Most of the Localities are good for dinner.
Females shouldn't forget to wear something additional due to the air conditioning in the ballrooms which is really heavy sometimes! Interview with the owners of the gay Milonga "La Marshall"
all Milongas in Buenos Aires with version for printing

15-22 Confiterìa ideal a must-have-seen Institution of Tango. Its taking place on various Days during the Week, but is being cancelled often because of Filmsets. Here you can find different teachers with different skills and training courses. 15-5006-4102/03 Suipacha 384,1st Floor
20-3 Lo de Celia Tango Club

A Milonga with a special charme: here you can meet many "old" Milonguero's. Nice for Singles, for one is being asked to dance very often.
A funny way is how you're being placed around the dancefloor: Single Women at the 1st two sides, Single men on the other - where exactly you might be placed depends on how long you're a member. Pairs stand beyond. This has the effect that you can invite to a dance "by view" much better. However, you should try to be considerate of the other Dancers. Sometimes they do play Rock'n Roll - it's worth seeing! ...only a few tourists.

4371-1030/15-4184-4244 Humberto 1, 1783
23-4 Salon Canning Tango-Professionals and also plenty of tourists meet here on Mondays, for this is the Practise-Day of Gabriel und Natalia (they're in Buenos Aires now). We think the atmosphere isn't too good here. It's very crowded and the Bartender Girl is really unfriendly most of the time. 4342-4794 Av. R. Scalabrini Ortiz 1331
21-2 El Beso a nice, small Milonga, good for Singles - and it comes with a home-like athmosphere. During the Daytime you are able to participate in different dancing-courses. 4953-2794 Riobamba 416
22-3 Porteno y Bailerin

Two Dancefloors are available here, for the room is built in an angular Form. We didn't enjoy it really, but at least it's inexpensive and well visited.


Riobamba 345


The place for Tango Nuevo. The offer as well very good classes with different teachers and very good Shows.

If you still have to work a bit to be one of the top dancers you might find it difficult to dance there if you did not bring your own dance partner...

But here it is no problem for women to leed if you like that. Altough not many do that. MEDRANO 476 | almagro
23-4 La Catedral This is a pretty unusual location; an old, scruffy factory site. They expanded a little and also offer a smokers area. As long as you're not younger than 30 or one of the top-dancers you won't be able to dance - unless you have a partner with you. This applies to both men and women.
But this is not that bad, as you can watch a lot of stars of the Elite Tango-Nuevo Scene and there are really good performances, too.
It is recommended to arrive by taxi, because the surroundings aren't that secure.

Sarmiento 4006 "5"

15-21 Lo de Celia Tango Club same Description like Monday 4371-1030/15-4184-4244 Humberto 1, 1783
23-4 Asoc. Nationale Italiana

a wonderful room with a special glamourousness. However, you should arrive after 12.30 AM if possible, expect some action not earlier than one o'clock.
Of course you can attend one of the Practica's to use your time here. We think this is a place where 'well-known' Tango Professionals meet after workday often...

4307-0146 Alsina 1465

Centro Armenio

La Viruta
La Estrella

This is like mass-production-Tango. Especially the Practica's are like aerobic courses in Gym-halls. Folklore Music and Salsa is being played here very often; and if you don't want to dance you can take a seat on plastic Garden-Chairs. Singles won't feel too comfortable here. Young people are hanging out in larger groups here, and the same Tanguero's appear at night as usual. On special Events you might be Part of some good Shows or Concerts, but keep in mind that you need to order a table in advance.

4774-6357 Armenia 1366
22-4 La Marshall Gay Milonga, but not only! Also a lot of Heteros. Nice Atmosphere although the place is not sooo nice. Of course women can lead here! 4774-5470 Cel: 15 5406-9784 Yatay 961, Almagro
21.30-1 Club Villa Malcolm TangoCool! Práctica "Freestyle" Tango nuevo 4772-7964, 15-4164-8193 Córdoba 5064
15-22 Confiterìa ideal same as Monday 15-5006-4102/03 Suipacha 384,1. Stock
16-4 Lo de Celia Tango Club

same as Monday

4371-1030/15-4184-4244 Humberto 1, 1783

Centro Region Leonesa

Nino Bien

one of the most beatuful Milonga's: a wonderful room with a glamourous feeling, just like the Asoc. Nationale Italiana. Here you can watch great Tango Dancers and also meet tourists from all over the world. Very good Music is being played by DJ Mario Orlando. This is a MUST!



Humberto 1,1462
14-20.30 Confiterìa ideal same as Monday 15-5006-4102/03 Suipacha 384,1. Stock
16-21 Lo de Celia Tango Club

same as Monday

4371-1030/15-4184-4244 Humberto 1, 1783

Club Gricel

Old Tanguero's in festive dresses are living their devotion for Tango in this Place. Everyone seem to know each other, for that reason as a tourist it might be a good advice to let yourself being introduced to everything/-one by someone. It is a pleasure to watch People taking care of each other here...
Exclusively the Milonguero-Style with only a few, small Moves is allowed in here. As soon as you watch you will feel the harmony between the dancers and the pairs themselves.

4957-7157 La Rioja 1180
23-5 C.C. Torquato Tasso a little Milonga in St. Telmo, always with live-music and often covered by some show elements. You can have quite decent dinners, as long as you aren't vegetarian. They equipped their yard with a big charcoal-Grill to serve much bigger portions of food! 4307-6506 Defensa 1575
16-21 Lo de Celia Tango Club same as Monday 4371-1030/15-4184-4244 Humberto 1, 1783
17-20 Glorietta Barancas de Belgrano

an open-air Milonga surrounded by an old Pavillon in which you need to search around a little before you can get some meal. But it's easy to find after all.

  11 de Sieptembre y Echeveria

Sunderland Club

This is some sort of Tango-Legend; certainly you have to LIKE large gym halls...because this IS where it takes place. Between Basketball hoops and Neon-Lighting popular People get together. Even though we couldn't describe what's so interesting here we finally just did.
The Place is very secluded, so tell your taxi-drivers to look twice for it...

Lugones 3161
22.30-5 Lo de Celia Tango Club same as Monday - but two Events, this time 4307-6506 Humberto 1, 1783
23-4 C.C. Torquato Tasso same as Friday 4307-6506 Defensa 1575
23-6 El Beso same as Tuesday 4953-2794 Riobamba 416

Centro Armenio

La Viruta
La Estrella

same as Wednesday 4774-6357 Armenia 1366
22-5 la Calesita

a very nice open-air Milonga you might only be able to reach by taxi (fair prices). The Problem is: not a single taxi-driver knows about the exact location of this Milonga or the Milonga itself. Instruct him to drive to the Football-Arena near the the "River-Plate". The next Street to your right leads you to the Entrance to some kind of park. You won't be able to see it from the street, just get off the will be pleased!

4792-0585 Commodore Rivadavia 1350
15-21 Confiterìa ideal same as Monday 15-5006-4102/03 Suipacha 384,1. Stock
17-21 Tangodromo

just like some kind of Neighbourhood-Meeting" in St.Telmo, but very nice anyway

4342-6610 Defensa 535

Glorietta Barancas de Belgrano

same as Saturday

  11 de Sieptembre y Echeveria
18-20 Plaza Dorego Tangoshow during the peddlars market of "el Indio",
a must-have-seen.
4307-6506 Humberto 1, 449
Plaza Dorrego
22-3 C.C. Torquato Tasso same as Friday 4307-6506 Defensa 1575
22-3 El Beso same as Tuesday 4953-2794 Riobamba 416

Centro Armenio

La Viruta
La Estrella

same as Wednesday 4774-6357 Armenia 1366