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of course this big City offers many nice Restaurants.
For Meat-Lovers it's a paradise, for Vegetarians also because many different Pastas and Pizzas are available.

Here we show you some of them, we visited and loved. Most Restaurants serve good Breakfat also. Many offer Buffets, Meals and Desserts, which is good for long-sleepers...


In Argentina: the more Meat, the better it is, best are the "lomos" = Beef Filet, a tender and excellent Taste.
The Desnivel is a typical argentinean Restaurant amid San Telmo, very simple, with Pasta grilled Beef for low Prices. Always a bit crowded. Come Early or try to reserve seats, despite they don't like Reservations really.

Often Birthday Parties are taking place here, or Football-Teams, so this is not a place for romantic beings ;-)

My favourite Bartender looks like the Indian from the Movie-Picture Mein Lieblingskellner sieht übrigens aus wie der Idianer aus "One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest" and is as big as him, which is very original in this small Locality.


Defensa 855,

Defensa con Independencia

Lelé de Troya

a beautiful Restaurant with over 3 Floors with a veranda on the Roof. I suggest the different tapas. The Equipment is chosen lovely. A Must-See!

Costa Rica 4901


Here you will be served with excellent Steaks and good Vine in a nice Ambiente with Tango-Pictures at the wall. Many Tango-Stars come here often.
entre Montevideo y Sarmiento
Lola this one is significantly noble, even though the surrounding restaurants are for tourists. The 4 Process-Menue is inexpensive due to the low Currency. You can sit outside, insider it's very designer-like. 4804.5959
Guido, esquina Junín
Chiquilín a very impressive Restaurant on two floors. Highly recommended is the Fenchelsalad with Roquefort- mhhh.. the Meat- exquisite! A very caring Service. 4373-5163 Sarmiento 1599
OLSEN a super-styled House in Palermo, Especially: super breakfast as we don't know in Europe (Granola with fresh fruits, Yoghurt etc.), in many variants - this is very rare in Buenos Aires! Good Cocktails also.... 4776-7677 Palermo:
Gorriti 5870
Dashi who wishes to eat some Sushi: here it is very fine!  

FitzRoy1613, conGoriti

Plaza Mayor in three corners on the Crossroad you will find Restaurants of the same owner. One for Fish, one for Pastas and Pizza and one for Meat and Beef (Grill). Every one of them is recommended and serves tasty foods. 4383-3802 Montserrat:
Venezuela con San José
Cafe Tortoni a very traditional Café. In the Evening many Concerts (Tango) are taking place. Have a visit there!
Plaza Dorego

Except on Sundays (Market) here is a dynamically Gastronomy-Doing. One of the rare Places in which you nearly meet everyone. Different Bars and Restaurants serve here. Visit the Café, it's a Must !

On Sundays you can watch the Tango-Show by "el -Indio" - very nice!