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Tango Shoes
Delie Shoes Our favorite Choice if you're looking for reliability, good prices and a bigger collection.
There are many shops, but we always came back here. Shoes will be exactly suited and if needed modified, also.
The Website shows only a small part of the Collection, in which you can find nearly every color and material. Unfortunately the language is spanish only! Communication works fine if you come up with some patience - when business is good the owner is likely disposed to talk about some gossip... ;-)
Here you'll get exquisite shoes with a high durability and a modest fitting for long evenings.
If you're choice is reptile or suede you'll discover a really low durability...
Tel. / Fax (054) 4300-8521

San Telmo

Piedras 843

Susana Villarroel

She manufactures extremely elegant shoes - especially fragile ones - even from your favourite's dress cloth if you like. Also wonderful Sneakers ('Sandaletten') in which you need to keep the balance more concentrated. A great Collection of Materials as well as reliable manufacturing - but insist on an exact measurement, especially concerning the width!

4857-9341 Tomás de Anchorena 537, Abasto


One of the most famous Shoe brands.
We recommend:
If it fits - buy it. Be careful with orders. Einer der bekanntesten Schuhmarken.
Meine Empfehlung:
Wenn etwas passt- kaufen, bei Bestellungen vorsichtig sein. Meistens klappt es nicht mit der Lieferzeit und die Modelle fallen anders aus als gewünscht. Hier braucht man Nerven!

(+54-11) 4322 6036


Suipacha 263

Fattomano   A well known manufacturer.
I think: too expensive - nearly twice as expensive than in the other shops and nothing special.
48323156 Guatemala 4464, Palermo
Comme il Fault  

the most "hip" Shop for women. Unusual colors , Cuttings, Materials and provides many bigger sizes - many of them to take home immediately. Females should be attracted to those more filigree shoes. 80 % of the better Dancers wear these shoes in the Milongas!!
They're a bit expensive, but it's worth a view!

4815-5690 Arenales 1239
Neo Tango  

at the last day of our stay in 2003 I've seen a public exhibition of shoes in this new shop. Unfortunately no shoes to take along when you're looking for bigger size (except Comme il fault), but nice Plagiates of Comme il fault for only half the price.

4306-0171 Av. San Juan 2052


Zapatos para Tango


Jareks favorised shoeshop
Fabrica Pompeya, the Bus 150 stops right in front of the shop door

tel./Fax:49110295 Grito de Asencio 3062
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all shops on one site with openings and Connections
Maria Jasmin mariajazmintangoimagen my favourite tailor in Buenos Aires, very nice embroideries, beautiful materials, friendly staff Tomas Anchorena 606
exotica   nice Corsages which can be individually measured. A very small shop in the shopping allyway. Santa Fé 1548
nueveveinticinco extraordinary, have a look !

Honduras 4808
4833 5343

Plateria argentina We like those small silver figures, good souvenirs. A Father & Son Shop. "Daddy" can often be seen on many Milongas. Libertad 282 1.Stock
Piso lokal 41
Senora Melly a special hint for spanish-speaking friends: a really cute female tailor (65 years old) who made me two wonderful dresses for a little price. You need to know what you really want. It makes sense to bring cloth from Europe. There ARE many cloth-shops Buenos Aires, but they provide a lack of quality. This is especially important for male suits! Jujuy 534 Dto 2