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currency calculator international Currency-Calculator

. where to change money in BA: or

you will have to scroll down a lot to actually see the tables

Attention: New information about cash terminals in B.A at the beginning of this Site


Attention: Cash terminals won't dispense more than 60 Euros per transaction, except Citibank

Except the Citibank you will only be able to receive a maximum of 60 Euros per transaction from any terminal in B.A. Of course you can do that as often as you want, but remember the fees are unbelievable high for every single time you dispense money from a cash terminal! There is a Citibank near the underground station Callao, where you will find the CD Shop named Zivals. But you will have to check which terminal's the right one first.
Information here:


A very special new service: CICERONES, UN AMIGO EN BUENOS AIRES
The services provided by CBA are free for the visitors.

If you are about to visit Buenos Aires and want to try a new experience, call us and we'll help you!
You will know Buenos Aires, the city of J. L. Borges, J. Cortazar, E. Sábato and tango's cradle, the paradise of football (soccer) and the most exquisite foods, escorted by a friend.
We offer to let you know the best attractions of Buenos Aires, culture, tradition and fun in a different way, safe and pleasant.
We receive individual or group visitors without distinction of sex, age, marital status, race, religion, creed or sexual orientation.

The locations visited can be quarters and places that aren't well known, not included in the traditional tourist circuits or selected by the own visitor.
The Cicerones will be the friends we'd all like to have during our out of home trips.
The visits are organized in small groups of up to six people and last for about two or thee hours.
What can you expect from a Cicerone?

* That they show the patrimony and diverse culture of their city and how "porteños" live.
* That they help you to get oriented in the city and answer all of your questions.
* That they will offer their time to accompany you, as well as your group of friends or family.
* That they show you their favorite corners, markets places, their weekly trips, stores or restaurants that distinguish our city.
* That they share their likes and, if possible, your language.

x Stadtplan Buenos Aires

maybe of Interest : rent a phone 4311-5000
They supply Handys right to your Door and as they say you only will have to pay for the Calls, many Proposers!

link to Milongas in Montevideo:

ferryboats to Uruguay

If you need a tango break- a trip to Uruguay is beautiful! Here you find a travelogue of november 2004.

I had to take travelogue out. In a few days you will find it again.

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