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Teachers and specialized Trainings

The small magazine "B.A. Tango" is very important to any Friend of Tango. In it you will find nearly all Milongas as well as most of the Teachers, Locations and appointed dates. You can find this magazine often in Milongas or in the Escuela Argentina de Tango (details at the bottom of this page).
Because of the various preferences we will recommend some of those with individual Styles (unordered).

Of course it can be very interesting to take lessons from well-known, professional Dancers. But you might get surprised by some really "individual" Styles - however an amazing experience. The group sessions are very inexpensive.

The Dates aren't up to date, so please give them a telephone call before you start making plans without "B.A.Tango".

Gustavo Naveira
& Giselle Anne

A top-class Pair!

Please have a look on their website for up to date information about lessons and seminarios. The level is high!

Teléfono - Fax en Bs As:

(54-11) 4331-9708

Ernesto Balmaceda
Stella Baez

our favourite Teacher in 2003. They are really obligingly to their students and they train you by your individual experience and skill.
We had many Lessons in Basic Techniques, this was very valuable to us. Also while dinner and in during the Milonga we had a great time!

Cel: 15-4497-1740


a very interesting Couple that comes with nice exercises and new combinations - good to spare room in your brain to gain new ideas... Appropriate for the so-called "Gym-shoe Tango" (respective a sophisticated Interpretation of modern Tango's) and comes elegant in the tradition of Mauricio Castro. 15-4038-9891
no Picture

the owner of the Club Grisel gives wonderful lessons in Milonga traspie,
in November 2003: Wed 20:30h-22:00h and Mon 20:00h-21:00h

a lot of fun!

la Rioja 1180
Pablo Nievas y Valeria Zunino

Pablo and Valerie give good lessons in different Places as well as a Practica in the "Confiteria ideal"

Just take a look at their Website for Dates

(54-11) 4582-7744

Cel: 15-5342-8987

Ana Maria Schapira

She gives classic Milonguero-Style Lessons with a tight posture. We liked their Training very much and found her personally very sympathetic

Tel: 4962-7922

Christián y Virginia

a young Couple who is teaching the same style Gabriel and Natalia do - but more friendly ;-)

Just look if you can find their names in one of those free Tango-Guides, it's worth the time.
They tauught in the "la Catedral" and with Damián and Nancy in the "Casa de Tango" in december.
Graciela Gonzales

very interesting Technique-Workshops for Females


Fernando Galera y Vilma Vega

these lessons were a pleasure to us. Many Basics and entertainment.

They dance in a very lissomely behaviour and their lessons are very humorous.

Telefon / Fax:
+54 11 4584-4727

Funk Fernando Galera:
15 4054-7478

Funk Vilma Vega:
15 4054-7479

Damián y Nancy a very nice high level Couple. We invite them at fixed intervals to Courses in the Proitzer Mühle and Berlin. Tel: (54-11) 4583-3196
(54-11) 4832-3789

Contacto con Damián y Nancy durante la gira
(0049) (0) 1746120733

Roberto y Maricel an elegant Pair with superb didactics. We don't know where they exactly give lessons at the moment. Just call, you'll be pleased. Tel: 0054-11-4778-0047
Cel: 15-5-119-7932

Tango Schools

Escuela Argentina de Tango

hard to find. It's located in the big Shopping Mall "Galeria pacifico" in the 'Florida' and comes with many altering Teachers. Abo's for several Hours at a low price. Roberto Herrera taught here in November 2003 - we were very pleased. 4312-4990
Galerias Pacifico
Centro Cultural Borges
Viamonta esquina San Martin
tangodata useful Infos on Dancing Schools, Teachers and Dates - unfortunately this Website offers only a few informations