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  Great Link-List to (nearly) every Topic about Tango Argentino: frequently updated by Garrit Fleischmann from Frankfurt/M. A broad spectrum of links to all regions of Germany and the rest of the World.
  Tango-links ordered by Continents (!) by Rob Nuyten's from NL - Very well done!
  a lot of interesting tango Inforamtions, links events and milongas worldwide, discographies, Information about Tango-Teachers, Berlin infos
  Ernestos Tango-Linkpage out of Vienna - a little unordered - but you can find some specials here often!
  Searching for Tango argentino:

we joined the camp in greece 2005 ands we liked it very much!

UP Tango-Cruising

Worldwide: Regions from A to Z

Info Sites Buenos Aires informations
  Our clues and hints in Buenos Aires at
  at this time the best Site for Tango-teaching Offers in Buenos Aires
  Tango-Informations, mainly on Buenos Aires
  A proficiently and all-embracing Infopool by some very occupied People!
  nearly all-embracing and good Informationpool about Tango argentino and Teachers
  interesting website with Infos about dancing tango, orchestras, Tango-teacher und Buenos Aires tips
  very interesting site if you plan your trip to Buenos Aires, many photos
Dancers and Teachers
  Damian and Nancy: a very good combination of didactically Quality and outstanding Dancing-Skills: hosted by "abctango" - as well as other Tango-Teachers
  Roberto and Maricel: another Couple from Buenos Aires we do respect and appraise!
  the Page by Ricardo "El holandés", with his new Partner Rotraut Rumbaum
Tangoshoes online
  nice website, they offer many models in different styles. I have asked them: The shipping costs to europe for one pair of shoes is about 32 USD. If you bought something there please let me know if you are satisfied.


n onlineshop fromBuenos Aires
Help Argentina
  a private initiative for a small village for Children in one of the argentiniean regions ruled by massive poverty
  another private initiative for a childrens day care center an the slum "Verborgene Stadt" (Hidden Town) in Buenos Aires
travel promoters a travelling promoter with different Offers of Latin-America and interesting Journeys IN Argentina
Tangotrips to Buenos Aires
Learn Spanish
  Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires
  Learn Spanish in B.A. with the opportunity to lodge in a guesthouse in Recoleta.
  A Gallery can be found on the Site.
  Learn Spanish in Argentina, other south-american Cities and Spain
  Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires, in small groups or private lessons, they offer also other activities
  Spanish in Buenos Aires, studio one block from metro-station Pueyrredón, near Recoleta

  a Page from Sydney by Sophia and Pedro Alvarez.

  Tangoevents in Graz
  the site for Linz!
  Tango in Linz with Stefan and Maria
  Gunters interesting site about Salzburg and the communities near by
  This is the part of Ernestos worldwide Tangopages about Vienna

Bali / Malaysia
  Marguerite Brodie-Eu, President of Tango Club Kuala Lumpur. she is also organizing a tango holiday in Bali.

  information about lessons and milongas in Sofia
  La Milonga, organized by Tango studio Et Machibo. The best selection of classic and nuevo tangos, milongas and valses for dancing.
Address: 29 "Vladaiska" St., Sofia, Bulgaria. Each Thursday, 19:00-23:00

Czech Republic
  eine schöne Seite in englischer Sprache mit allen Milongas, Photos und Veranstaltungen in Prag

  a portal for tango in denmark in danish and english

  New Magazine about the Paris Nightlife of Tango
Nice http://www.touchtango/
  Christina´s tangoinitiative in mediterrian Nice - often workshops are offered and argentine guestteachers invited
South of France
  a small, lovely homestead in a beautiful valley. Rest a summer week amid beautiful landscapes with Tango: meet the fond dutch Hosts Peggy and Vincent and some other Guest-Teachers


Infos about Tangocamps in Greece, Sweden, Italy.
We have been in Greece 2005 and liked it very much!!

  Villa in Umbrien, above the Lago Trasimeno. Led by Annette and Wolfgang - with an all-embracing offering of Tango Argentino-Weeks
  places to dance in Italy, Wine, Kitchen, Kulture- many interesting topics

  An actual Overview about all Events in NL - mainly in english: complete Overview
  The Homepage by Erics "el corte" in Nijmegen (NL). A very appealing Locality, which is ruled by the warm reception for guests and visitors. The recurrently, popular Tango-Marathon is happening here.
  Komala and Stefan, very nice dancers and teachers from Nijmegen.
nach oben The Amsterdam-Festival between X-Mas and the New-Year

  Monikas Site including an english Version!
  Tango in Krakau with Leszek, also in english.
  the Tango Academy from Warsaw in english
  actual informations about tango in Krakow, also in english
  this site is almost only in polish, but the owner Marcin Miszczak speaks very good english, if you call him or send him an email.

  a small, nice Page about Tango-Opportunities in Graz
  The Homepage of Linz!
  Gunters very well cared Site about Salzburg and the Surroundings
  the Vienna compartment of Ernestos worldwide Tango-Site (because he lives here, he can provide special and dependable Informations!

  a small nice Tango-Movement in South-Sweden, called "Tango Media Luna"

  The School for argentinean Tango "Buenos Aires Tango Basel", by Mathis Reichel-Kappus and his argentinean Partner Cintia Jaime Kreidler - many Informations are to be find here

frequently updated calendar with nearly every Dance-Opportunity in Switzerland

Infos about festivals in Istanbul etc

Information about Tango in Budapest

United Kingdom  
  The Totnes/Devon-based tango-comunity with Ruth Zimmermann as their super-active promoter - organizing the famous "tango-mangos"
  page of Ricardo Oria and Jenny Frances - Dancer, Teacher and organizer of Tango-events in Edinburgh and elsewhere
  website of Steve and Debbie Morrall, based in Southampton - organizer of TangoTangks in Southampton and more events

  Very nice Site for Tango-Shoes from Montevideo - Uruguay. Shipping through all over Europe, of course
  Milongas in Montevideo

  As far as I know the biggest Tango-Distribution and Infoplatform about Tango in the US: you can find a very big Printcatalogue here also.
UP Homepage of Montreal: the history, music, personalities and aspects of the dance experience discussed by Tango junkies.