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 Berlin Tangosite by Jörg Buntenbach, all dates are always up to date!
  Well made Page by Boris - not only about Tango, but Pair Dance in Berlin:
  Tango in Potsdam: Mona und Kurt care about these Pages - and organize Events
  boletin de tango
  Website by Lothar Staudachers Tango-Magazine-Project "Boletin de Tango".

a quite original idea: The Dance-Partner-Pool is a privately organized List for advanced Dancers (of all Dancing Styles) by the age of/about 30, from Berlin or nearby, who either need a Dance-Partner or just someone to join you.
  alolatino is a group of young men/women from Latin-America, Spain and Germany, and run an Internet-Portal for not a long time about Culture, News, non-commercial Services and much more; for everyone who is interested in the Latino- and Hispanic-Scene in Berlin

  actually the only Shop in Berlin that's specialized on Latino-Music. Very small, but well-ordered; so you can take as much time you need to look for what you're searching for.

Tangoshoes and Fashion
  In the Wissmannstrasse 4, not far away from the Hermannplatz Rosa with her Atelier and Hans von Zapatos de Baile can be found together in their house!
  original argentinean Dance-Shoes are offered here by Hans
  A very nice Website with a broad offering of Shoes with chrome-soles (which are very comfortable on a slithery parquet!)

A new shop in the Goltzstr.3, sells Flamenco-, Salsa- and Tangofashion, also manufacturing by measure. Shoes and Accessory.

shoes from "comme il fault" now also in Berlin.

very beautiful unusual Tangoshoes, also a selection "comme il fault" Shoes, Tangocloth and Shoes "strictly from Buenos Aires".

Lodging Help/Hints
  Website, offering private lodgings: very inexpensive ones: comfortable, interactive Map of Berlin Norbert offers private accomodation near the Milonga "Ballhaus Rixdorf"