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Tangolessons Berlin

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  Germany - national
  the new Online-Magazine by Jörg Buntenbach for German speaking people
  german tangomagazin with intersting stories about tango and a "milonga-calender" for germany and some other europian countries.
  Great Link-List to (nearly) every Topic about Tango Argentino: frequently updated by Garrit Fleischmann from Frankfurt/M. A broad spectrum of links to all regions of Germany and the rest of the World - especially Germany - but the whole Offering is to be found easily.
  This Linklist is trying to make nearly all actual Events and Informations available.
  Actual Overview of many Tango-Opportunities in Germany, by the "Bremer Saludo-Tango-Server"
  An Overview of Tango-Trips and Workshops in Germany - often updated by some nice Switzerland-Guys
  Links to Tangosites in Germany and worldwide 
  Here you can find numerous Dance-Partners and Requests - regional seperated and well ordered, with an own Compartment for Tango argentino
  Website about Dance Schools, -societies, -sites etc.
  musika viva Music-Holidays from Wiesbaden (GER) arranges a Tango-Workshop every year in the Toskana with Martina Schürmeyer and Peter Hölters.
  new Website focussing on "Sport Dance", covering Standard-Latin Style etc.

  Schedule for Chemnitz, Dresden, Leipzig, Halle and Erfurt by Mathias Weiß

Deutschland: Städte von A bis Z
  Info-Pool for Aachen (GER)!

  strenuous built Tango-Community in Augsburg, offers regularly Milongas and Events
  engaged organizers provide Dance Events, a few Workshops and an impressive Ball in the "Augsburger Puppenkiste"

  La Milonga - the Dance-School in Bremen we attended in 1999 and 2000 to complete our training as a Dance Trainer - unfortunately with rare updates on their Site, but providing very fondly organized Tango Trips!
  Libertango - the other Dance School in Bremen, with a good reputation
  Tine from Bremen mixes Coaching and Tango-Training/-Organization

  Waldtraut and Molly provides Tango Infos to the community in Bremerhaven

  this side gives you an overview about all activities in Bonn

  Infoboard, everything about Tango in Darmstadt und
  Tango in the centre of Darmstadt. Tango in the Herrngarten.

  the up-to-date Site about anything in Dresden
  The Dance-Studio "Tres Tangos" was opened 2002 by Anja - congratulations to the Founding and the obligation in Dresden!
  Milonga every friday evening
Latinamerican Cultural center, every Thursday Milonga

  Klaus Fröhlich and an Institution, working actively in the Tango Community

  Frankfurt and Rhein-Main-region: always updated by Garrit.
  a second Community, informing about any Dancing Opportunities and Events in Frankfurt
  A sovereign homepage by Fabiana Jarma for her "Academia de Tango": first stop for Tango in Frankfurt - also active with regular Events on the 7th sunday after Happy Easter.

  Detailled Infos about Tango in Hamburg. Also nuemrous articles about Tango Events, Dance-Techniques, History, Terms, Ensembles, poetry and more
  Universo-Tango - comfortable Rooms in St.Pauli on the ground floor. Alejandro initiates the regular midsummer Tango-Festivals.
  The homepage of Marie-Paule Renauld with TangoGotan
  The Site by Andreas Staak, also active in Hamburg
  Tango in an old, beautiful farmhouse near Hamburg
Northern-(Western-) Germany
up Infos about everything between Lüneburg and Rostock

  Josch and Colleagues are very nice and provide some good rooms!

  a nice, small Site of the local Community

  clear, transparent Informations

  Tango's gone active around the Lake Contance, too
  also visit

  the next city west of Berlin - now with some regular Events!

  Where to dance Tango in Munich: well qualified Infos!
  Fabians munich Site
  Petra Räbel and Michael Klupsch organize Tango regular in the KHG in Munich
  „Tango - The combined powers of the dancing Eros", „Tango - Dance of the heart“ by Ralf Sartori - Info about these titles and Tangolessons

and northern region of Bavaria
  right now (okt 2006) not very updated Overview to the northern region of Bavaria with up-to-date Events in: Nuremberg / Fürth / Erlangen / Würzburg / Regensburg / Bamberg
  Overview for events in: Nürnberg / Fürth / Erlangen

  a good Site about the Scene in "West" Germany

  Website providing information about all schools and events
  the Homepage of our friends Christiane and Sven

  Projekt of Emile und collegues in Stuttgart
  webseite with Videos und Photos of Enrique und Judita,Llessons and Workshops.

  here you find events for the region including Kaiserlsautern, Saarbrücken, Luxemburg!

  Tango-activities in Weimar - organisers: Carlos Tapia and Brigitte Backhaus

Wangen (Allg)
  Overview of the Allgäu - including Ravensburg, Friedrichshaven, Lindau, Kempten, Konstanz

  Infos about Tangolessons and Event every Tuesday in Wiesbaden