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Proitzer Mühle (Northern Germany)
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The Guesthouse
aerial Picture of the Millhouses
Frontview Main Residence
Hall outside
Main Hall ( 260 m²)

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The Proitzer Mühle

The "Proitzer Mühle" is in northern Germany (between Hamburg, Hannover and Berlin) in an old protected memorial Watermill.

Comfortable Rooms await you (most of them equipped with bathrooms) amid an undisturbed location, surrounded by grassy meadows and forests. You are free to use the Sauna and any of the plenty rooms to dance and to enjoy yourself.

The Ballroom is about 260m² big and is equipped with huge Mirrors as like an outstanding wooden Dancefloor. Additional rooms are free to use for Practice.

Full Board includes breakfast, lunch and dinner (vegetarian/non-vegetarian), and also coffeebreak with cake. Every evening we meet to dance. In the last evening we create a special, joyful atmosphere during a festive Ball.

During your Stay you can visit the "Hundertwasser Banhof" in Uelzen (half an hour, by car) and the historical center of Salzwedel. Numerous Trips are available: Right in the surrounding region of Wendland you can find germany's unique "Rundlingsdörfer" (small, beautiful villages). Salzwedel, near Sachsen-Anhalt is an half-timbered Village with a special character. The Elbe isn't far away, and there is a Mill-museum, too, an aquatic mammal center, numerous outdoor-museums with old Farmhouses. Celle and Lüneburg are very appealing for guests from far away...


The Rooms differ slightly in their standard (some of them are sharing one bathroom). Early booking assures you to get a 'better' room!

Lodging is available for more than 70 Persons. We've got 29 Rooms. You can bring your tent or 'mobile-home' with you and use the sanitary Facilities of the Resort.


Big Hall with wooden parquet and great Mirror (260 m²)
Seminary Room with wooden- or carpet floor (90 m²)
Garden Hall with wooden- or carpet floor (80 m²) (since Fall 2001)
4 additional Training Rooms, 52, 36 and twice 26 m²

Seminarhof Proitzer Mühle
(No Roads here)
29465 Schnega



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Adress: Seminarhof Proitzer Mühle, 29465 Schnega

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How to get There...

...by Plane:

The airports in Hamburg (e.g. AirBerlin.com, germanwings.com) and Hannover (e.g. AirBerlin.com) provide good connections from the major cities in Europe. From there you have to travel by train to Station "Schnega".

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...by Railway:

The Station "Schnega Bahnhof" is only 5 Kilometres away, with connections to Hamburg, Bremen and Berlin. The Staff of the Proitzer Mühle is pleased to help you to organize the further transport. So please tell them the time of your arrival at least 2 days before if possible (Tel-Nr. +49-5842-450), so they might organize a shuttlebus for a good price.

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...by Car:

If you're coming from the western direction, just drive through Braunschweig, Celle, Soltau or Lueneburg to Uelzen. From here take the B 71 to Salzwedel. About 18 km beyond Uelzen and 4 km behind the Village Növenthien turn right - there is a Sign telling "to Proitze". After 5 km you will reach the Village Proitze and have to take the T-Crossroad to your left (just turn left :-). 100 m behind the exit of the village turn left and you will get to the Mill, easily.

If you're coming from the eastern direction you will have to drive to Salzwedel and take the B 71 to Uelzen, until you get 5 km away from the (small) Village Spithal, turn left to Proitze. After 5 km you...(same as described in the paragraph above)

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